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Complete List of Library Services for the HEART/NSTA TRUST

Location Name Site URL
Library Services Unit
Vocational Training Development Institute
HEART College of Beauty Service
Black River
HEART College of Hospitality Services
Buff Bay
HEART College of Construction Services
Stony Hill
Jamaican German Automotive School
Ebony Park Academy
Old Harbour VTC
Above Rocks VTC
LLuidas Vale
Boys Town
National Tool &Eineering Institute
Seaford Town
Cornwall Automotive Training Institution
HEART College of Innovation and technology



For this service, libraries within the HEART network can request material from, or supply material to, another library. The Librarian locates material in other libraries, and borrows or obtains photocopies (if appropriate) on behalf of library users. The service usually takes 2-7 days from the date of request



For this service, users are assisted in searching for information and are given guidance in the use of the library’s collections, catalogue and databases. This service is provided in person, by telephone and via email, during opening hours.



The users of the library have access to PCs with general desk top applications. The library also offers free Internet and Wi-Fi access to users. Contact any member of our library staff to reserve a computer.



The Library offers a document delivery service to the staff of the HEART/NSTA Trust. To perform this service efficiently users are required to be specific in their information requests as this ensures accurate and speedy delivery of information. Requests are accepted via email or fax. Documents are delivered via the Registry, email or by fax.



Our customers are welcome to use our viewing room to access information from the video cassette and DVD collections. This facility can accommodate a maximum of fifteen persons as a group. To have access to this facility users make reservations 3 days in advance.



Library orientation is provided upon request. A tour will be provided for general introduction to the library. To make this arrangement contact the Librarian at 977-1700-5.



Materials used in the library can be photocopied at a cost. Readers must obey the copyright law.



We offer printing services to our clients however documents must be forwarded to our library email which is



For your next Report, Thesis or Research Paper let us help you to give it a professional look with this service.



We scan documents in JPEG and PDF file formats.



We are pleased to offer basic one-on-one computer training at the library. Contact us to make an appointment.



Bring your class to the library! These visits can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the group. We provide library orientations, demonstrations of the library’s electronic resources and viewing of resources relevant to your curriculum.



Currently staff members and contracted writers are allowed to borrow resources from the library for a period of seven (7) days with the possibility to renew for a further seven (7) days, once they have not been reserved by another client. Clients/users are responsible for paying the replacement value, as assessed by the Librarian for any items lost or damaged whilst on loan to them.





Printing services are available at the Library for all our clients to print, copy and scan library materials, and personal documents.  Both black & white and coloured images must be sent to librarymediadesk@  for printing

The print and copy options available at the Library include:

  • Letter  and legal  paper only,
  • Colour or black and white,
  • Duplex or single sided.


Photocopying and Printing

$10.00 per black & white page

$50.00 per coloured page



1-25 sheets – $180.00

26-100 sheets – $200.00


Spiral Binding

1-100 sheets – $180.00

101 and above sheets – $350.00



$30.00 scan & save

$50.00 scan & print


You can access these services using the Services Request Card which is issued at the library and paid for at the TVET Administration Unit between the hours of 8:30am to 4:00pm

(Mondays to Fridays). No money is accepted at the Library Services Unit!


Scanning & photocopying are guided by the Copyright Act

The Library Services Unit (LSU) is one of the three Units of the Learning Resources Development Department which falls under the TVET Development and Support Systems Division.



To support research and curricular goals of the HEART/NSTA Trust institutions in an effort to empower users of the TVET system to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a dynamic, global society by providing quality resources and learning experiences that develop the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes for continued success.


HEART Trust Library network is a member of the:

• Library and Information Association of Jamaica (LIAJA)

• College Libraries Network (COLINET)

• Socio Economic Information Network (SECIN)


The Library Services Unit (Library) has a rich and diverse collection of technical and vocational education information which is available to encourage study, research and in general to support the development of the TVET system. We offer a comprehensive range of services, inclusive of online reservation, renewal, interlibrary loan and document delivery, for your benefit. Our clients include the HEART/NSTA Trust staff, VTDI students, trainees and the general public.

The Library Services Unit is the focal point of the library network for the HEART Trust providing leadership as it relates to:

• Designing physical layout for libraries

• Evaluating existing or proposed library programmes

• Providing centralized services

• Monitoring libraries in the network

• Staff training


The library consists of the following Sections:

• Reference Library

• Technical Services

• Audio Visual


The Reference Library:

• Provides information and research services

• Organizes resources in the HEART/NSTA Trust systems

• Establishes accurate documentation of resource holdings

• Introduces educational and information technologies to increase access to resources

– Curricula Collection

– Loan Service

– Internet Searches

– Displays and Exhibitions

– Library Orientation


The Audio-Visual

– Provides orientation and training in the use of the Internet, DVDs

– Facilitates access to video collection

– Introduces the application of computer technology in teaching and learning to staff

– Provides technical assistance to instructors and administrators to conduct electronic research


Technical Services

The Technical Services Section works in partnership with all HEART/NSTA Trust institutions to acquire and provide access to instructional resources in a number of formats for users of the TVET system.


This Section :

– Manages, implements procedures and acquires resources

– Evaluates and selects resources in accordance with the organization’s needs

– Provides centralized processing for all resources acquired



Our Pledge to You:

The Library Services Unit is ONE TEAM! Our successes are dependent on all staff members.

Our Customers include the users of the library: trainees, students, facilitators, staff and the general public.


We pledge:

• A successful and rewarding library experience.

• A welcoming, courteous, and pleasant atmosphere.

• A balanced and diverse collection that focuses on TVET.

• Convenient and efficient information services.

• To promptly return your telephone calls and respond to your email inquiries.

• To work continuously to improve our services.


We pledge to never:

• Make excuses

• Attack

• Patronize

• Ignore

• Lecture

• Trivialize other’s views

• Put down others thoughts, feelings or opinions


Library Rules

The Library is a place of thought, research and study for our users. In order to maintain an environment appropriate to our purpose, the following are the rules of behaviour:

1. Noise, disturbance or unseemly behaviour is prohibited, including abusive or threatening Behaviour to Library staff or to other Library users.

2. Cellular phones may not be used in the Library

3. Computer or photocopy users must complete their work 15 minutes before closing time.

4. The entire Library is a NO SMOKING area.

5. No food or drink is permitted in the Library.

6. Library furniture, fittings or equipment must not be misused or their arrangement altered.

7. Library users may be asked to present their bag for inspection by Library staff, as well as any books or folders they are carrying.

8. Users are responsible for paying the replacement value, as assessed by the Librarian, of any item lost or damaged whilst on loan to them.


Let us help you to have a rewarding and successful library experience.