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  1.      Flexible Learning Interventions and training

The HEART/NSTA Trust is now pursuing Flexible Learning as a viable means of reaching a large number of adult Trainees who would not otherwise be able to achieve certification via the traditional classroom setting. We prepare Instructors within HEART/NSTA Trust, and by extension those in the Community Training interventions to deliver courses using flexible learning. On-going training workshops on how to develop content for the online environment along with packaging electronic learning resources are conducted. As such we assist Instructors in transposing their face-to-face learning materials into an online ready format. Instructors are also trained in appropriate online etiquette.  Instructors are trained to deliver training asynchronously (in the first instance) via the organisation’s Learning Management System (MOODLE).

Formative and summative evaluations are conducted to identify performance gaps, course strengths/weaknesses, technical/delivery concerns and general review content areas to determine further training and development interventions.

  1.     Audio/Visual Support & Multimedia

We are equipped for the purpose of delivering content relevant to training (Face-to-face) and Flexible learning using various technologies in digital authoring. HEART TV has been designed as the place for connecting HEART/NSTA Trust employees and stakeholders locally and internationally to both corporate and instructional content. 

  • Video Production Technology & Support
  • Audio System Support
  • Streaming Video
  • CD/DVD Duplication
  • Graphic Design

  1.  Special Education Needs Support

We endeavour to provide a learning environment that is accessible to trainees who have special needs. We have developed 4 SEN models catering to cognitive disabilities, hearing impaired, visually impaired and mobility impaired. Our interventions include:

  • Braille Conversion
  • SEN software/hardware acquisition
  • Video Closed Captioning


1. Instructional Videos


  1.   Flexible Learning Programme

One of the unit’s key objectives is that of the design and production of a variety of relevant and useful products to support the new TVET system. Products are developed for use by Trainees, Instructors and managers and assist them in making the transition from the traditional teacher-centred to a learner-centred learning environment.

  1.     Interactive Courseware CD

  1.     Curriculum Document CD

3.     Interactive Media Content for Learning (podcast, vodcast, learning objects, etc.)



“To provide quality standards-based learning resources and support services, using relevant technologies and information and communication systems, to efficiently facilitate and enhance training in the HEART/NTA Trust, industries and the wider TVET system”.


The Educational Technology Unit is committed to the success of all HEART/NTA Trust Trainees in promoting educational technology initiatives that foster the improvement of learner -achievement and the quality of instructional practices.