The management and staff of the Learning Resources Development Department extend a very warm welcome to the TVET Community. It is our desire that by interacting with this online space, you will find the experience engaging, rewarding, customer-focused and accessible.

Once again, please accept a HEARTY welcome to our Learning Resources Portal.

Henry Gray,
Learning Resources Development Department.

Learning Resources and Services


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Learning Resources Available

The Learning Resources and Services Portal provides YOU with easy access to several learning resources which will enhance the HEART/NSTA Trust’s TVET System. The portal also lists the services available to support our learning systems, including broadcast and flexible learning delivery.

It is our online one-stop shop for the biggest regional selection of curricula, manuals (facilitators and trainee), TVET books, magazines, training CDs and DVDs, as well as Instructional videos. These resources can be accessed through direct buying and / or subscription of our products

The HEART/NSTA Trust is committed to improving it’s customer service, as such every effort will be made to resolve all queries in the shortest time frame possible. Call us at +1-888-HEART/NSTA Trust (423-7868) or Email us at info@heart-nta.org